Update on the Situation in Oaxaca. August 3rd, 2006

Tuesday's occupation of the state television station, Channel 9, by several hundred women, appears to have sent a strong message to other commercial media in the state of Oaxaca. Today "Antena 89.7," a commercial news radio, suspended its broadcast fearing that the station would also be "taken" by members of the Popular Assembly, and the local TV Azteca station also suspended its operations.

Notimex reports that the Popular Assembly now has control of five media outlets in Oaxaca, but it wasn't clear which five it was referring to. They may include: Radio Planton (the teachers' radio station), Radio Universidad (taken over by students on June 14th), Channel 9 television and the two radio frequencies it also owns (on both FM and AM), which were taken over by women from the Popular Assembly, on August 1st.

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