2008 distribution so far!

I've been traveling a lot to screenings and have been horrible about updating the blog with regards to recent screenings. So here's an overview...

The film is getting out there more and more. Just since the new year, it has shown across Canada, (from Ottawa t0 Vancouver and all kinds of places in between). Thanks to the Ontario Secondary Schools Teachers Federation for organizing a great little screening tour in Southern Ontario. There have also been screenings in Portland, Philly, Albuquerque, Utrecht (Netherlands), Los Angeles, Seattle, Bellingham, Mexico City, Guadalajara, Olympia, and Besancon, France.

And lots more screenings coming up in the next couple of months...Austria, Germany, New Orleans, Chicago, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Santa Monica, Tempe, Portland, and beyond.

Some recent highlights...

At the University of Washington screening (which was packed), students from the UW study abroad program in Oaxaca talked about their experience being in Oaxaca during the uprising (why UW kept them there a full five weeks after the Dept. of State told everyone to get out of Oaxaca is beyond me). Fortunately, they all came home in one piece and with amazing stories to tell. Thanks to the Latin American Studies dept and Latino Policy Assoc. for organizing that one.

Keep checking the upcoming screenings page at www.corrugate.org and let your friends know when the film is coming to their town!

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danishawn said...

I hear that there is a screening on March 29th in Portland, but need the details. Any info?